A Rainbow in the cloudless Sky

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  • This one is deep 😅 I like mostly that making an allowance for relationships for excos wasn’t a freedom go do what pleases anybody but a means to expose deep secrets and foster accountability amongst leaders ❤️

  • Table shaking episode!. Red hot. I was literally laughing out loud.

    Such a balanced one. love the goal oriented strategy in fostering love and interpersonal relationship within the fellowship.
    Love the bond of perfection

    Probably my favorite episode.

    Doc,this river will not run dry.

  • Senator Vic, ya absolutely right. It’s a river. I could feel myself floating in it, letting the words wash over me. (Oh! I wish there was such an emoji)

    Really have little/no words right now, but I took this home:
    “Being conservative is actually not the problem here. It’s a way of life. It only becomes a problem when it evolves into a choking, stifling religion.”

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