A Rainbow in the cloudless sky

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  • 😂its funny to me and really nice coz I can actually relate to what he’s going through, is why one has to be careful in the ministry coz when u care for the flock there’s bound to be some emotions and feelings its normal, but if not properly checked, can cause a brother or a sister to fall….my only surprise is that this lady is in this fellowship and is jumping from one brother to the other….hmmm, its well o

    • Hmmm Let’s see the full story before I judge anyone.
      Was there even a relationship to start with? Was it not book they were supposed to be reading in the first place sef?

      That part “(we got involved.”) is heavy and says a tonne.

  • Oshey Mr Leo wey don smart. He wasn’t crying but was tearing, a bit like my emoji.😂

    Nawa for Gbemi sef. She naw used xoxo to end the 70-worded text.
    Such ruthlessness!

    (Who’s going to join me in taking this course on “How to healthily end relationships 101”?)

    Hmm P. Josh, I hail! 🙌🏾

    • Well… What Gbemi did was right, but the method and timing were villainously queer.

      The lesson still rings : always define your relationships, don’t guess or presume. If he or she has not said anything solid and strong – “no put your mind there”

      I know of a popular young minister who recently posted a disclaimer on his FB page, saying that he is not SINGLE, and he is engaged. Sometimes such disclaimers are essential to wade off “wishful thinkers” and “hopeful crushes”

      After the disclaimer, I heard certain sisters were not happy, some even wept.


      • Well it’s not very easy to ‘define the relationship’ sometimes you have to give things time. Time proves virtually all things. Moreover things grow and develop into something more serious over time. Friendship grows into relationship and even marriage.

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