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  • Who then would believe her? I really felt for her. I’m moved to tears as I read this. Her journey from innocence was because of her pastor. It’s so hard to trust anybody these days. The most respected person in church could be the devil’s incarnate. So many people are going through so many things these days and they can’t open up because no one would believe! I wish I could open my arms and provide security for people. But that’s God’s work, I guess.

  • How many of these kinds are out there??…. Absolutely Barbaric from a “Pastor”. Also, parenting is not just trusting a Man of God but also trusting your children and discerning what is good or evil…. Is well

  • If I were the one, my “camel’s back” would have broken the moment my mom of all people chose not to believe me, then who would? I had high hopes in mama oyedokun, too bad she disappointed me. It’s saddening and equally annoying that this happens in real life and it’s not just fiction to some people. Religion is a mere covering for evil. I have no words for that Pastor. She didn’t do anything to deserve this. This life ehn

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