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My dear Crush(The finale) - Godwin Oyewumi's Blog

My dear Crush(The finale)

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  • I think a lot depends on Ben. If he doesn’t define and handle his relationships well enough, the seemingly buried emotions can resurface and blow over.
    And I’d rather the conversations had come earlier. My thoughts.

  • If the feelings are still there for Susan and they remain friends, while Ben and Bukky are still struggling, might be a little dangerous for all 3.

    She better give herself the space and time to rid the feelings and not just want to ‘live with it’.

    It was such a good read. I love how it ended in particular!

  • I was itching so hard to write just after reading the first 5 paragraphs!!! But I forced myself to wait it out to the end. Now on getting to the end, apart from the strong fact that I’m faced with a question which I don’t know how best to answer, I’m even more compelled to a stronger fact that I’m being called out (or dragged, as commonly said on twitter). So, I think I’d just stick to writing what I had been itching to write all the while in the first few paragraphs.😋 Here goes nothing:

    “Took you long enough!!!!! 😒 In my own case, I did NOT sit out with my feelings and just wait for my then first major crush to walk up to me and have a discussion, LOL! I’d have probably attained menopause (using Susan’s words 😂). This was in Senior Secondary School when very few of us had phones (we’re not talking Android phones ẹjọ). I had one though. Know what I did, when I couldn’t take it in any longer? Yup. Yeah, you guessed right. I called and I told him. I felt like the proverbial earth could swallow me up right after the confession (yeah, feels very much like it), but my! What a load I was unburdened off that day! And guess again. Baba felt somewhat the same but never grew the balls (permit me Susan, again). Told him not to sorry, I’ll get over the feelings. Baba (He’s a namesake btw) said “oh you don’t have to” Lol! Is that how y’all are brothers? 🤔 Perhaps not. Moral of the story sha: i couldn’t and shouldn’t and wouldn’t kee masevvv! Even my older self needs to learn this.”

    I wrote a story under a story. Phew! That’s the power of a good writing. You’re doing ever so well Dr Godwin! Cheers😋🥂

    • And the longest comment on the blog ever(🥁 rolls!) goes to Christiana!😅😄😁.
      Thanks for the compliment, Christie. And for sharing your story as well.
      It takes a lot of courage to share your story. I really do commend you.

      I do admit some guys could be emotionally manipulative. I guess it turns them on to see a girl slaving away at their whim and mercy, with no serious plans for the person in question.
      It’s up to the affected party to man up, and refuse such “unholy” soultie, by addressing the elephant in the room in a very honest and open conversation.
      Conversations bring light to hidden and unspoken motives/agenda. It’s proven to be the best way out. The ground never ever opens to swallow us afterall.
      The woes of staying ‘bound’ are worse than the consequences we fear in speaking up.
      At the end of the day,we emerge better for it- happier, and freer.


  • Wow! Finally, some sense.
    However, to walk with even more sense and wisdom would be to put some distance between one another. Remember all the great things you said about the powers of a conversation? Yeah, all that good stuff can happen if you’re not careful with each other. If the goal is to be just friends, then distance, please.
    If the goal is to grow in love, then by all means, converse all you want.
    Although, I think that the responsibility of that decision (whether to be friends or lovers) rests more on Ben than anyone else. Then again, it is Susan’s responsibility to protect her heart, innit?
    Maybe there’s hope for uncle Kelvin after all. 🤔

    PS, I really like the ending–no clearly broken heart or happily ever after. Even more is the opportunity for everyone to think it through and come to their own conclusion or what their decision would be if they were ever to be (or know someone) in this situation.
    One of the marks of good writing is the ability to portray your thoughts while allowing the readers to think…well, about their thoughts. Well-done

    • Wooow! Mind’s blown, literally!
      You’ve got me blushing, Korede.
      Thanks for the expert analysis, and kind compliments. Means a whole lot.

      Like you’ve elaborately reviewed the issue at hand, it’s key all parties know and make known exactly what they’re up to, and be deliberate about that. Dilly-dallying would only result in hurt feelings, and frayed nerves.
      Cheers, Korede.🤗

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